MQ Design

We take great pride in designing
the world's leading products,
services, and experiences through
design thinking and a scientific
approach to innovation.
Simple, Innovative & Honest
MQ Digital

MQuadrant designs cutting edge
digital strategies through
redefining the business model &
the value chain, improving
customer connect, redesigning
the organization, and building
robust sustainable platforms.
Operations 4.0

Supporting the fourth industrial
revolution to extract value out of
costs, focusing on stakeholder
journeys, and leveraging digital
technologies, analytics, artificial
intelligence, etc.

Bringing the best to our clients

MQuadrant is an independent management consulting firm led by Krupal Parchure. We strive to bring the best of the profession to our clients globally
Innovation, Growth & Efficiency

MQuadrant advises clients around areas involving operations, revenue growth, and design. We focus on implementation and sustainability of strategies or solutions
Efficient engagement model = lower fees

Flexible engagement models such as VPDF & Onsite provides optimum productivity and minimum consulting fees.
Implement & sustain

We believe that the true value of an
answer lies in the implementation
and sustainability of results
MQuadrant ('em-kwod-ruhnt) provides
management consulting services by following
3 guiding principles:

• Deliver impact through problem-solving

• Sustain strategies through capability

• Transform organizations through
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