MQuadrant Analytics

MQuadrant Analytics helps companies describe,
predict, and make informed business decisions across
multiple functions leveraging data analytics. The goal
is to gain competitive advantage by unlocking
actionable value and insights from data.

MQuadrant Analytics- Services Portfolio
Customer Analytics
Analyzing data to describe, explain, and predict customer behavior;
best practices for using this data to prescribe more effective business
strategies; to meet and shape customer needs, thereby increasing
bottom-line. (Descriptive, predictive & prescriptive analytics)
Operations Analytics
Modeling demand and supply uncertainties, predicting the outcomes of
competing policy choices and choosing the best course of action in the
face of risk and operational challenges.
Financial Analytics
Leveraging data to assess key drivers of financial performance and to
forecast future financial scenarios, including consumer behavior
predictions, corporate strategy, risk management, optimization, etc.
Human Resource Analytics
Frameworks & tools for recruiting, performance evaluation,
leadership, team design, etc.
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