MQuadrant Capital Advisory

a specialized offering for private equity, venture
capital, and other such capital funds for maximizing
their return on investment by identifying the right
companies to invest, conducting due diligence, and
playing the role of an "Operating Partner" by working
closely with the invested/ acquired companies to
optimize the business for revenues, growth,
operations, and managing innovation.
MQuadrant's Capital Advisory
The goal is not just to make deals happen, but to make real companies and real business happen.
We deliver hard skills to the deal that can be measured to drive commercial and operational
results. Once engaged on a deal, we believe in focusing on making portfolio companies and
ultimately the investor successful, getting stuff done while adding muscle wherever necessary, and
ultimately taking ownership of problems and solutions. Therefore, we do not consider ourselves
solely as management consultants or strategists; but colleagues or core resources of CXO-level
executives on the portfolio side and partners on the investment side.
Commercial Excellence,
Research & Analysis
- Design and implement commercial strategies such as sustainable
growth models, business design, etc.
- Identify and implement revenues and margins improvement
- Support innovative business models and new value propositions
- Support analytics, ongoing research, and intelligence around targeted
industry, market, competitors, customers, and internal operations
Operational Excellence
- Design & implement integration processes and operational
improvement, and re-engineering initiatives
- Implement cost rationalization initiatives
- Staff augmentation for core business functions
- Assist procurement & sourcing around vendor selection, contract
negotiations, commercial terms design, and implementation
- Leadership & management development
- Provide project management, governance, and reporting support
Product Development
- Inculcate design thinking within the organization
- Provide operational support for rapid prototyping, testing, and
- Facilitate end to end product lifecycle management
Capital Raising
- Work closely with target companies to build and refine the business
plan, value proposition, and make them “fundable”
- Leverage existing network of venture capitalist and private equity
players to pitch target companies and their business plans. Work on
iterations with the investors and the entrepreneurs
- Assist venture capitalist and private equity players to raise capital
- Deal facilitation, negotiations, and project management
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