Engagement Models

MQuadrant delivers services
leveraging either the "Virtual
Project Delivery Factory" (VPDF)
or the Onsite model. Most
engagements happen through a
combination of these two models.
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Services- Innovation, Growth & Efficiency
MQuadrant case studies

We have several years of pure
consulting & implementation
experience covering broad topics
involving operations, organic
growth, design, PMO,
governance, etc.
To learn more, please feel free to
call us or write to us directly.
We look forward to understanding
your perspectives and figuring out
how we can help your organization


• Operations strategy & supply chain
• Cost reduction & continuous
• Operations 4.0
• Quality & compliance     
Revenue Growth

• Brand acceleration
• P&L management
• Customer centricity
• Redefining value chain & business

• Innovation management & design
• MQ Digital
• MQ Analytics & Research

• Implementation
• Governance
• Change management
• Leadership
MQuadrant services are focused around helping businesses innovate, grow, and operate efficiently.
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